Psoda is constantly being improved, so check back here regularly for notes on new releases:

Release 7.05.6

02-04-2017Added support for inline editing of user status from the 'Update user details' report.
02-04-2017Changed the create/edit task popups to open a lot faster.
02-04-2017Changed the create/edit role popups to load faster.
02-04-2017Added support for inline editing of report templates.
02-04-2017Updated static charts to use users' selected data format to display date axis.
02-04-2017Added report methods to JSON encode/decode a data structure.
02-04-2017Added new report method listSupportedAttributes that returns an array list the names and titles of attributes which can be retrieved for the specified data type.
02-04-2017Added support for coloured background for inline editing of drop-down fields.
02-04-2017Added a 'Cause' field for issues just after the Description field.
02-04-2017Added support for coloured backgrounds on drop-down fields.
02-04-2017Added support for user-configurable colours on drop-down custom fields.

Release 7.05.5

26-03-2017Added support for custom date fields in workflow WAIT actions
26-03-2017Added two new columns to the timesheet tasks table to show the timesheet current state and to show the timesheet task current state.
26-03-2017Move the risk controls field just below implications.
26-03-2017Added field help for risk controls and treatment
26-03-2017Added three new report parameter data types: risk impact, risk probability and overall risk
26-03-2017Added option to zip scheduled reports.
26-03-2017Added new user preference to include/hide guest users in drop-downs.
26-03-2017Changed the report template title from 50 to 150 characters.
26-03-2017Fixed a performance issue when editing projects.

Release 7.05.4

26-03-2017Added support for inline editing of the issue impact.
26-03-2017Moved task workflow actions into a separate column called 'Workflow'
24-03-2017Added an option to trigger workflow actions when any attributes of an asset is updated.
24-03-2017Added support to specify classes on form fields thus allowing the fields to be displayed/hidden based on the values of other fields.
24-03-2017Changed the risk and issue drop-down to exclude entries with a blank label.
24-03-2017Added a new column to the Custom Fields table to show the classes for the custom field.
24-03-2017Changed the risk table to include the coloured backgrounds in the Excel export.
overall risk
risk rating
Post mitigation/target impact/consequence
Post mitigation/target probability/likelihood
Post mitigation/target overall risk
Post mitigation/target risk rating

24-03-2017Added the ability for administrators to customise the colours used for risk impact/consequence, probability/likelihood and over risk maps.
24-03-2017Expanded the risk impact/consequence map to allow both threats and opportunities to be captured.
24-03-2017Added ACL options to allow/block users from editing role rates.
24-03-2017Added ACL options to allow/block users from linking purchase order to budget items.
24-03-2017Added ACL options to allow/block users from linking expense items to budget items.

Release 7.05.3

14-03-2017Added workflow support for timesheet tasks.
14-03-2017Added a new user dashlet to show timesheet tasks allocated to the user for approval.
14-03-2017Updated the budget table to recalculate financial quarter and year totals in real-time after inline editing.
14-03-2017Added an administrator option to rename "programme" to an arbitrary name.

Release 7.05.2

09-03-2017Added an option to baseline an individual milestone
09-03-2017Added a warning for user leaving a page if they still have an inline edit active.
09-03-2017Improved the error messages when using inline editing.
09-03-2017Changed the inline editing of the category field for risks to use a drop-down if the user does not have access to add new categories.
09-03-2017Increased the character limit for String custom fields from 8000 to 16000 characters.
09-03-2017Added an animation when opening popups to show that the popup is loading.

Release 7.05.1

06-03-2017Made some changes to the page Javascript to defer some of the processing to make initial user response times faster.
06-03-2017Fixed the 'Freeze table headers and footers' option to work with the "all" option on table which loads all of the rows using AJAX.
06-03-2017Changed the user tasks table to also include tasks that the user is the manager for.
06-03-2017Added filters on the current state column for the tasks table.
06-03-2017Added columns to the tasks table to show current state and workflow actions.
06-03-2017Added an option at the organisation level to show/hide charge_model field based on the values of other fields.
06-03-2017Added a special case ACL option for role managers.
06-03-2017Added ACL options to view/edit the task priority field.

Release 7.04.9

06-03-2017Added an option to cache reports for a selected period, especially for dashlet reports.

Release 7.04.8

06-03-2017Added an option to select a template project when importing projects from a CSV file. All of the data and security groups from the template will be copied to the imported projects.
06-03-2017Added ACL option to show/hide 'Autofill timesheet' option when creating/editing tasks


Notes for older releases are available from the Support page when you are logged in.